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Archives: State Fiscal Year Quarterly Reports

The following archive reports provide prescription drug use and expenditure information for the most prescribed individual drugs and therapeutic drug classes. Every quarter the year-to-date report is updated and a new set of quarterly reports is added. The state fiscal year runs from September through August.

For a given quarter, program expenditures and rebate receipts are reported (i.e. a cash flow model of reporting). The expenditure information is based on the paid dates of the claims. The rebate data is based on the dates on which the rebate payments were received. Rebate receipts for the same quarter as the reported expenditures may not be realized until at least one quarter later.

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Delimited Text Files

The following text files have been created using semicolons to delimit, or separate, each column of text.  These files are of little use unless they are converted into some form suitable for analysis and study.  Most database and spreadsheet programs are able to read data that is saved in a delimited format.